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Summer: vK ANNUAL health & fitness project          
Vk students Plant fruit/vegetables while studying the food groups and study systems of the body! This Project is filled with research and activities which last all summer! This project is multi-faceted, covering everything from science, math, language arts, Physical fitness and more! 
bean & berry picking ~ July      TRIKE-A-THON ~ August   Health fair ~ TBA    



Vibrant Kids Infants
The Infant aspect of our program promotes language and physical development, cognitive skills, and social interaction. It focuses on sensory-motor exploration, mastering movement, cultivating a sense of self, and discovering social relations. In addition to quality care, Vibrant Kids infants receive foundational introductions to colors, shapes, alphabets, quantity and numbers, months, seasons and the weather.
Vibrant Kids Toddlers/Waddlers
The Toddler/Waddler program focuses on all aspects of development. These include Social/Emotional (sense of self and responsibility), Physical (gross and fine motor skills), Cognitive (thinking and reasoning, problem-solving skills), Language (communication through pictures, spoken and written words) and further builds upon the the academic foundation of the infant program. Children participate in group activities, structured lessons, circle and story time, dramatic and free play, music and much more.
Vibrant Kids PreK and Kindergarten
This program focuses on the overall development of the student, promoting and strengthening a sense of self (the ability to adjust and express one's feelings), a sense of responsibility (following rules, independence and care for surroundings), interpersonal skills (getting along with others, sharing, making friends, respecting others), gross and fine-motor skills, problem solving, logical thinking, use of symbols, listening and speaking, simple computations, reading and writing.
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