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Let's Hear from Vibrant Kids Families!

Dear Ms. Crystal, When my son started at Vibrant Kids, I left the country for two months while he was here with his mom. While away, I was wondering what a child could learn at two years old? However, when I came back, I was amazed by  how much he learned in two months! His skills were improved in a way that I could not imagine! Not only that but he had also become an outgoing, talkative child with very high manners. Thank you so much Vibrant Kids for providing our children with an exceptional environment for nourishment, so they become successful in the future.

- Naif’s dad

Amazing leadership and direction from Mrs. Pleasant? Once a child at Vibrant Kids ALWAYS a Vibrant Kid. They have become more family than a childcare facility to us, sharing in the growth and development for Emmanuel since the age of 4 mos. As he leaves now to begin preschool in our city, I know he is more than prepared to take on learning and growing! Thank you so much for being so reliable and dependable making his transition from home to daycare easy... he will never have staff that care as much as you all have. God bless!!
- Yasmin Cuevas

Ms. Crystal, 
I remember the first day I walked into your office to learn more about Vibrant Kids.  That first visit was so important because I was really struggling with enrolling my son in anyone’s daycare.  I needed to know that anyone who would be playing such a vital role as a teacher in my son’s life would do it to the best of their ability.  I remember you knowing each child’s name, each child’s individual personality, and your attentiveness to my concerns.  That said a lot to me and I knew that Vibrant Kids would be a great place that I can entrust the well-being of my child.  As time has gone by I still have those same feelings and saw evidence of the hard work and dedication that you and the teachers put into shaping and modeling our little scholars.  Last night I was filled with joy and laughter as I watched Kayden stand up and literally do a 10 minute performance for me and my mother.  He sang, dance, clapped, and broke out into a boisterous laughter as we cheered him on.  I knew this was a reinforcement of the things that are being taught at Vibrant Kids.  I read the daily activity sheets sent home with him and do activities with him based on what he is doing at school.  I am pleased to say that I gave Kayden a yellow ball and asked him to put it in the yellow hole on his activity drum.  Guess what, he did it!  My eldest son and one of my nephews were absolutely amazed that he could understand and follow those directions at 11 months.  So I say all this to say THANK YOU, keep doing a great job, it is much appreciated!
- Lakeasha Carter



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